12:48pm September 1, 2014

Ashoka Tano is amazing, and one of my favorite characters because how much she grows, and her strength of character (epically as seen at the end of season 5.) I really hope we get to see a lot more of her story in Star Wars Rebels.

Also thank you to windona for suggesting that I do a cross stitch of her.

9:19pm August 18, 2014
parvumautomaton asked: Jaime and Tye post Endgame stargazing.


"You know, this is a lot different now that we know what’s out there," Tye said.

Jaime grinned. “I know. If I point to a star system with a population, the scarab will tell me exactly what’s there.”

"So," Tye said, pointing at the sky, "which stars should I wish on?"

"Well," Jaime said, pointing with his right hand, "that’s apparently the direction Oa, home of the Green Lanterns, is in. And that star has a planet named Apocalypse in the system, which has technology that can mess up the scarab and is ruled by an evil dictator, so avoid that one."

"What about over there?" Tye asked, pointing at a constellation.

Jaime winced. “That’s part of the Reach Empire, hermano.”

Tye grimaced. “Alright. Are there any friendly, peaceful places in the universe?”

"Well," Jaime said, "that direction apparently has the Star Sapphire homeworld of Zamaron. But, uh, the Star Sapphires are sometimes enemies of Green Lanterns? But over there is the Blue Lantern homeworld."

"Oh? And what do Blue Lanterns do? Are they secretly Reach allies or something?"

"No, they apparently give hope. And heal."

Tye nodded. “That’s actually pretty cool. Maybe you can meet them someday.”

Jaime shrugged. “Maybe. More focused on crime on Earth right now. But if I do go into space, I’ll get you a souvenir.”

8:58pm August 17, 2014
Ahsoka Tano. Not at all related to my current Star Wars obsession, no…
Ahsoka is awsome :)
8:13pm August 17, 2014


I’m waffling on how to design a “We are Groot” stitch, So in the time being  I am open to suggestions/ prompts for future Cross-stitch.

Characters from Marvel, DC, and any cartoon/show on Netflix are all fair game.

4:00pm August 16, 2014

Spider-man, and experimenting with out of cloth techniques.

6:57pm August 15, 2014




Así se hacen las multiplicaciones al estilo maya.


Cool, now to see how it works.

So along the top left diagonal you draw the number of lines equal to the ten’s place of the first number. Along the bottom right diagonals you draw the number of lines equal to the one’s place of the first  number.

Then on the bottom left diagonal you draw lines for the ten’s place of the second number and on the top right you draw lines for the one’s place of the second number.

This means that the number of lines for the ten’s place of the first and second number cross at the left most corner. And counting the number of dots is the same as multiplying the two numbers. (The same way you can calculate the size of a 5X3 grid by either multiplying or counting all 15 squares) And since this is the meeting of 2 ten’s place and (10 X 10 = 100) this means that the number you could would go in the 100’s place

So this also means that the far right intersection is where the first and second number’s one’s place lines cross. So the number of intersection point would be the result of multiplying the one’s place. And since (1 X 1 = 1), This result would go in the one’s place.

In addition the top and bottom intersections are where the one’s and ten’s place of the first and second number meet each other. And since (1 X 10 = 10 X 1 = 10) the summation of both of these intersections would go in the ten’s place.

This can work with any Real positive and finite number (Put the highest place’s digit in the top left diagonal and then each subsequent digit is parallel and below. The highest place’s digit for the second number goes in the bottom left diagonal, with each subsequent digit being parallel and above) The leftmost column is the highest resultant place, and each column of line intersections is summed to make each digit.

In case of a 0 just skip that line, In case of a number with decimals, just make a note of the column where the one’s place lines overlap, and the decimal of the result is placed after that number

In the case where a column sums to a number greater than 10, all the numbers in the ten’s(+) place of the result gets added to the column immediately to it’s left. (So if the result of a column addition is 31, 3 gets added to the column to the left).

12:29am July 26, 2014
Thinking about a Barbara Gordon/ Oracle Stitch next. (Still tweaking the patterns somewhat.)

Thinking about a Barbara Gordon/ Oracle Stitch next. (Still tweaking the patterns somewhat.)

6:54pm July 25, 2014
One of Marvel’s Avengers Turns to Sign Language. The story strives to connect readers with what he is experiencing: when he can’t hear, the word balloons on the page are blank. The comic also makes extensive use of sign language, but provides no key to interpreting them. “If nothing else, it’s an opportunity for hearing people to get a taste of what it might be like to be deaf,” Mr. Fraction said.
6:03pm July 20, 2014

windona replied to your photoset“Kamala Khan Cross-stitch from the wonderful Ms. Marvel. Also including…”

I must admit you have the most amazing fanart (fanstitch?) ever.
Aww, thank you. I was worried about how the background would come out, but it was better than expected. I just need to get better at choosing threads for pattering…I keep getting them too close and it makes the pattern hard to see. One of these days I’ll learn.