9:07pm September 7, 2014
parvumautomaton asked: Ashoka sometime after order 66.



"Ventress? What are you doing here?" Ahsoka asked, genuinely curious.

"What does it look like? I’m scouting out my next target."

"You’re breaking into the Imperial processing center too?" Taki said, stepping forward.

"My client wants me to take their Force-sensitive child back to them. You?"

"I’m helping Taki save his little sister," Ahsoka responded, looking on carefully.

Ventress ‘hmmmmed’.

"Well, bounty hunter, why don’t we work together? Increase each others chances of success, and you get to keep all the money for the reward," Taki suggested.

"Well, why not."

10:20pm September 5, 2014


i’m still waiting on my blue beetle cartoon, dc.


The first season, well, it will start by following a pre-scarab Jaime. He stands up to a gang and before he gets the crap kicked out of him a nice business man intervenes(yes, this is Ted). They have lunch together and then he goes on his way. Cut to night or the next day and Jaime walks through an ally finding a beetle rock. It embeds itself in his back and the Blue Beetle title rolls.

For the rest of the season it will be Jaime working and learning about his new powers with a couple of flashback episodes. Booster goes back and tries to save Ted each time a different way. Each time leading to a bad future. (For example he gets Ted before he met Jaime or before he fought the gang looking for revenge in the ally, leading to a badly hurt scarab-less Jaime).

The first season is also dealing with trying to figure out what happened to Ted leading to the reveal and fight against Max Lord at the end of the season.

Jaime’s main plot is being dragged off early on by the JLI, trying to track down the prior Blue Beetle. After he comes back (delayed due to a time skip, hints at the second season’s bleed issues) he’s off putting his life back together and keeping the scarab in line.

For example his mom has gone off looking for him and as a nurse was kidnapped for ransom. He finds her and realizes that a) she has been helping the other kidnappies b) did it on purpose to look for him and c) is not leaving without him. He breaks cover in front of everyone since safe return is greater than keeping a secret id.

Also this is the season he deals with Paco in the Posse (similar to the comic’s plot… don’t be the one to ask Paco to choose between his friends) and Brenda moving to a new school where she gets a stalker. (A problem he tries to solve by punching, but him attacking a civilian tanks his credibility, and it does not work.) Eventually La Dama gets the stalker arrested, but now Jaime can’t do anything that would get her in trouble with the law since that would reveal her bribed judges and get the stalker back out onto the street.

By the end of the season Khaji Da has backed down from lethal as it’s first choice, and has, in the second to last episode, taken over when Jaime was knocked out to protect Milagro and then did not kill Max who had caused the attack.

"You did good Scarab, you did good."

The second season is when the Reach show up.

They come looking like the good guys. But after another Booster flashback episode where he gets Jaime the Scarab but still saves Ted they realize that something is wrong.

Basically he saves Ted and pulls him to right after Jaime gets the scarab, where Ted jumps into the mentor roll very seriously. Where as in the first season Jaime complained about having no super mentor, here he has too much of one and is not allowed to grow enough into his own strength before the Reach show up… Thus causing a bad, Reach filled, future.

This is also where Jaime meets up with more space DC characters (like Starfire), and slowly learns what the suit is about.

Here, early in the season, is where Paco gets Nadia and Hector, (two of Brenda’s classmates who made cameos in season one to be part of Team Blue Beetle.)

It ends with basically ‘Endgame’ from the comics, and when Jaime jumps into the Bleed to start things off he runs into Ted again. (This hints at what actually happened to Ted and Max in the Season one finale, stuck out of time). This time Ted’s goal to be a good mentor pays off, and he helps Jaime figure out the time dilation stuff and sneak up on the Reach. Although at the time Jaime doesn’t realize that this Ted is the real Ted and not a figment of his imagination.

Season 3 is the return of Max Lord.

He comes back OMACs attack. And eventually Jaime figures out that the Ted he saw was real. He is able to save him then and the JLI really gets put back together.

Season 4 is the Space season

Milagro becomes a green lantern, The KDRA becomes a thing, and a lot of the season is the two of them in Space solving problems as an awesome brother sister pair.

8:07pm September 5, 2014
Miles Morales. Anakin Skywalker (yes I’m on a huge Star Wars kick). And for DC, Flash (in honor of the new show)
They have been added to my queue. (And yes since doing Peter I have wanted to do Miles).
I’m also guessing the Flash of choice is Barry Allen?
7:31pm September 5, 2014


As always I am open to suggestions/ prompts for future Cross-stitch.

Characters from Marvel, DC, and any cartoon/show on Netflix are fun for me to do. And if you have a character not on this list feel free to tell me, (just make sure to mention where they are from so I can look them up).

6:47pm September 5, 2014

Ahsoka Pattern

For aporeticelenchus and authoressviolist and anyone else who would like to use it.

The link for downloading the Ahsoka pattern is here. 

Each layer is a different color and thread count/color is given in the layer name. I used Aida 18 count cloth. (I might recommend playing with the color of the hair accent and the purple accent.)

Gimp can be found at

(Remember to turn on the grid. {View -> Show Grid}   And turn it to a color you like {Image -> Configure Grid})

Standard disclaimer, please don’t sell this pattern, but you are free to use it and make modifications ect…

12:48pm September 1, 2014

Ashoka Tano is amazing, and one of my favorite characters because how much she grows, and her strength of character (epically as seen at the end of season 5.) I really hope we get to see a lot more of her story in Star Wars Rebels.

Also thank you to windona for suggesting that I do a cross stitch of her.

9:19pm August 18, 2014
parvumautomaton asked: Jaime and Tye post Endgame stargazing.


"You know, this is a lot different now that we know what’s out there," Tye said.

Jaime grinned. “I know. If I point to a star system with a population, the scarab will tell me exactly what’s there.”

"So," Tye said, pointing at the sky, "which stars should I wish on?"

"Well," Jaime said, pointing with his right hand, "that’s apparently the direction Oa, home of the Green Lanterns, is in. And that star has a planet named Apocalypse in the system, which has technology that can mess up the scarab and is ruled by an evil dictator, so avoid that one."

"What about over there?" Tye asked, pointing at a constellation.

Jaime winced. “That’s part of the Reach Empire, hermano.”

Tye grimaced. “Alright. Are there any friendly, peaceful places in the universe?”

"Well," Jaime said, "that direction apparently has the Star Sapphire homeworld of Zamaron. But, uh, the Star Sapphires are sometimes enemies of Green Lanterns? But over there is the Blue Lantern homeworld."

"Oh? And what do Blue Lanterns do? Are they secretly Reach allies or something?"

"No, they apparently give hope. And heal."

Tye nodded. “That’s actually pretty cool. Maybe you can meet them someday.”

Jaime shrugged. “Maybe. More focused on crime on Earth right now. But if I do go into space, I’ll get you a souvenir.”

8:58pm August 17, 2014
Ahsoka Tano. Not at all related to my current Star Wars obsession, no…
Ahsoka is awsome :)
8:13pm August 17, 2014


I’m waffling on how to design a “We are Groot” stitch, So in the time being  I am open to suggestions/ prompts for future Cross-stitch.

Characters from Marvel, DC, and any cartoon/show on Netflix are all fair game.

4:00pm August 16, 2014

Spider-man, and experimenting with out of cloth techniques.